Emanuela Biagioni
how did "Wonderful Events" come about?

Emanuela Biagioni was born in Prato under the sign of cancer.
I am passionate, solar, curious: travel, fashion,
music, movies and food is all I love.

Weddings and events have always been my best
great passion, bridal dresses then ...
and I always dreamed of great
find myself immersed in all this.

I have made my work passionate,
I wanted to make my dream come true in the drawer;
open my own event organization agency.
So in January 2016 was born the

The main service I offer to my clients is designing
of the event, in every field.
I'm joined by a team of professionals who, thanks to their services,
will make your event unique.
My job is to be able to fulfill all your wishes
through advice, solutions and ideas.

Whether it's a dinner, a birthday, a birthday party
or a large event, my commitment and refinement
of detail is the same and that is a meticulous study
and personalized by flowers, location, food, music .....
harmoniously composed among themselves without neglecting anything at all,
but trying to make not only everything unique ...
and magical, but "Unforgettable".

"I like to think," says Emanuela, "that every event is
one that every event is a desire that has been realized.
A wonderful story that, thanks to mine
advice and help, gave a dream ...
This is the success of my work! "